Studying in Perth

Perth is one of the favourite destinations for many Bhutanese students wanting to pursue higher educational degrees like Masters and PhD, or vocational trainings. There are four major universities and numerous vocational institutes that cater to any educational needs Bhutanese students want to pursue. Moreover, getting student visa is also one of the main pathways to making a living and settling in Perth in long run.

The following are website links to educational institutes in WA:

Higher Education


Education Training International (ETI) is the parent institute responsible for recruitment and admission of international students into WA’s vocational institutes. ETI’s website gives you complete information about all vocational training courses that are available, but you can also visit individual vocational institute’s websites for more information)

  • Central Institute of Technology
  • Polytechnic West
  • Challenger Institute of Tec
  • West Coast Institute of Technology


Australia government also offers various scholarships to prospective students from all over the world, Bhutan being one of the major recipients over the last many years.

The following are website links to major scholarship information:
  • Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowships
  • Australian Leadership Awards Scholarship

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