Settling in Perth

Welcome to Perth!

Now your next move is to get settled, ideally with a nice house/apartment to live in, a good car to drive and a steady part time job to pay your bills and fees. But beware that things may not fall into places automatically. In the truest sense, your journey into Aussie Dream has literally just started. While friends and Bhutanese community can do so much to help and guide you, a lot depends on your own initiative, ability and approach. Perth is a city of possibilities and opportunities, but in order to make the most of it, you have to be proactive and explore, make friends with different people, ask for information from those who know and be social and mingle.


To seek accommodation, the following two are the most popular realestate websites:


Unless you have enough money, it is always feasible and affordable to buy a second hand car. You can either choose to buy from second hand car yard, or directly from seller. A good way to start is to fire up your web browser and go to Gumtree, a free advertisement website at (besides cars, you can also search on this website myriad of other things like part time jobs, accommodations, second hand goods.

Car Insurance

Before you put yourself behind the wheel and hit the road, it is of utmost importance that you insure your car! No matter how careful and safe a driver you are, it is a very big risk if you are driving without insurance. Even if it is no fault of yours, you will be liable for all the damages, not to mention about the lives. And remember, in WA there are people who drive cars worth more than million dollars!

In short, a very very big risk indeed if you are driving without car insurance!

Bank Accounts

Open a bank account with any of the following major banks:

Tax file number (TFN)

TFN in a must for tax purpose. It can easily be applied online and you will be provided with the number within few days. To apply online, go to Australian Taxation website here.

Your TFN is private information to be made known only to you and your employer. Do not write your TFN on your job Resume and submit it online and pass it to prospective employers. Usually, the employers will ask for your TFN only after you have secured the job.

National Police Clearance

You must also apply for National Police Clearance (NPC) certificate in order to apply for any job. To apply online, go to Western Australia Police website at


Bhutanese in Perth find employments in myriad of fields like housekeeping, hospitality, age-care and childcare, farming, store hand, and in supermarkets. But always be advised that part time jobs do not always come easy. Keep your resume ready, explore by visiting job websites, go physically to recruitment agencies and submit your resume, don’t hesitate to give a ring and talk on the phone with prospective employers, keep your ears and eyes open, and most importantly be patient but persistent; you will somehow be employed even if it takes time.

Some useful tips while hunting jobs:
  • Do not just have one generic copy of resume and submit the same to every kind of job. Whenever you find a job vacancy, thoroughly read and understand the requirements and tweak your resume accordingly.
  • If you are asked to come for interview, read your resume and be answerable to what you had written there.
  • Reference is a must for your resume. Let your referee know about it and brief him what kind of you have applied for with him/her as the referee.

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