Updates on flight relief

No further bookings for Malaysian Airlines and Druk Air

Dear Bhutanese in Perth,

We would like to inform all Interested Bhutanese wishing to travel back home to NOT book any more Flights on the Malaysian Airlines on 20 April 2020. We have a set number of passengers for the DrukAir flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paro and no additional passengers can be accommodated.

We have made repeated calls to the Community to register your bookings well in advance of the travel date and the Royal Bhutan Embassy has given the highest priority to our Community. It was a very challenging task and required a lot of our time to coordinate this relief flight. After investing many days and nights by the COVID-19 Flight Coordination team and the Royal Bhutan Embassy, we are able to finally make this possible and 43 members of our community will be returning back home on 20 April 2020. One addition is yet to be confirmed as the Druk Air has already been set to full capacity before the submission was made.

Therefore, all interested travellers are advised to make no more bookings on Malaysian Airlines. Inconvenience caused is highly regrettable.

COVID-19 Response Group.

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