Supporting our affected members of the community – Phase II (Verification Process)

Dear All Bhutanese Living in Perth & Western Australia,

We are now swiftly moving towards the verification process so that we can support the affected community members during their need. We have initiated this by asking the affected members (based on the Survey Round II) to submit more prove to support their current situation.

For now we have sent emails to 156 students and 27 people on other visa categories, who appear to fulfill our basic criteria published on here. If you have not received email, your situation is currently going well or you may have not submitted your case (in such case, we cannot do anything).

The Survey Round II was closed last night and was responded by 522 people. Thank you all for taking your time and sharing your situations. The Round II survey is now officially closed after being open for one week or 7 days. We will now only deal with cases that may occur in the future if COVID-19 crisis persists for a longer period.

Finally, Response Group formed by ABPI works on a voluntary basis (dedicating their time outside of work and family time) and therefore, will have delays in executing the work but will never cause life threathening situations. The Response Group, as per the mandate of dealing with the COVID-19 crisis for the Bhutanese Community will work hard to bring our Community together to help each other during this difficult time and we hope to receive an equal amount of support from the other end.

Please see our correspondence below to our affected members.



Chairperson of COVID-19 Response Group

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