Rules and Regulations for ABPI Executive Committee election

Rules and Regulations for ABPI Executive Committee election

27th November 2018

Election Rules of the Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI)

 These Rules and Regulations shall be referred to as Election Rules and Regulations for the ABPI Committee and shall be read in line with the Constitution of ABPI. The set guidelines for Election of ABPI Executive Committee members are specified in Section 8 of the Constitution of ABPI. For the purpose of free and fair election, the ABPI Executive Committee during its 8th Meeting amended this Section pertaining to the Election of Executive Committee Members.

The Rules and Regulations pertaining to ABPI Executive Committee are as follows (please refer the numbering as Section and sub-section hereon):

  1. Members are as defined in Section 6 of the Constitution of ABPI.
  2. The Composition of Executive Committee Members is as defined in sub-section 7 of the Constitution and updates thereto.
  3. The roles and responsibilities of the Executive Committee Members are defined in Section 7.2 through 7.8 of the Constitution.
  4. Other notes relating to the Executive Committee member is as per the relevant sections of the Constitution of ABPI.
  5. Election of Executive Committee Member is required as per Section 8 of the Constitution.
  6. Election rules are as specified in Section 8 of the Constitution.
  7. The election for new Executive Committee members shall be held during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or otherwise during an emergency situation.
  8. An independent Interim Committee (erstwhile known as Election Coordination Committee – discussed, endorsed, and amended as per the 8th Meeting of the Executive Committee Members of ABPI) shall be constituted. The incumbent Executive Committee team shall nominate this Committee from the members.
  9. The Interim Committee shall exercise the following roles and responsibilities:
    a. Familiarize with the Constitution of ABPI, in particular Section 7 and 8 and other important Sections, as deemed necessary;
    b. Calling for nominees for the post of new Executive Committee members;
    c. Review the eligibility of aspiring and potential candidates and to the extent possible; declare no conflict of interest with the candidates;
    d. Intimate and communicate to the nominees (selected and non-selected) and to the community members through social media, outcome of their application;
    e. Shall have the authority to accept and reject membership in line with the Constitution and this Rules and Regulations.
    f. No nomination shall be accepted without the consent of the individual contesting for the post of Executive Committee.
    g. Nomination form shall be made readily available over electronic medium and other mediums possible.
    h. Coordinate all matters pertaining to election during the Annual General Meeting (AGM);
    i. Declare the respective elected candidates for different positions during the AGM;
    j. Handing-taking of ABPI from the outgoing Executive Members to the incoming Executive Members.
    k. To mediate on issues or controversies that may arise during the election, where necessary;
    l. The term of Interim-Committee shall come into effect from 1st December annually for a period of 30 days. In the event there is post-vacancy (for President, General Secretary and Treasurer) even after the due process is completed, the Interim-Committee shall oversee the administration and operation of ABPI for an additional period of 30 days after which the Interim Committee shall cease its tenure.
  10. A person who serves, as an Executive Committee Member and for their outmost selfless contribution shall always be honored as a member of ABPI. This has been discussed, endorsed and amended as per the 6th Meeting of the ABPI.
  11. Any Bhutanese living in Western Australia is welcome to contest for the post of Executive Committee member who shall then become an automatic member of the ABPI if he/she is a non-member.
  12. Every possible attempt shall be made to make this a free and fair election.

Full document available for download here – ABPI Election Rules



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