Report on the two days celebration of His Majesty’s 40th Birth Anniversary Celebration in Perth, WA

The Association of the Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) with the Bhutanese community in Perth, Western Australia celebrated the 40th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King on 21st and 22nd February 2020 with great sense of pride, love and loyalty to our King.

The first day celebration  (21st February 2020) was graced by Hon’ble Dean Smith, Senator of Liberal Party, WA as the Chief Guest along with many other distinguished guests who are very good friends of Bhutan and the Bhutanese. Our special guests on the day were our four artists from Bhutan- The noble gift from His Majesty The King to the Bhutanese living in Perth. The celebration took place at our Home Centre located at 123 Balga Avenue, Balga, WA. The programme started with the reception of HM in the portrait of His Majesty The King along with the chief guest followed by Marchang, National Anthem and singing of Zhabten for the long life of His Majesty The King and finally with cake cutting. The event saw some beautiful cultural programmes showcased by the Bhutanese in Perth and also from the artists especially Pema Deki and JigmeNorbu. The best part of the event was the launch of Desuung- the Guardian of Peace, in Perth to provide services to the Bhutanese Community in Perth thereby living the dreams and aspiration of His Majesty The King of desuups and desuung programme. It is with great pride to report that desuups participated very actively in the event management for the two days in areas such as chadi(preparation), kitchen in terms of cooking, crowd management, reception and serving, and cleaning. On the same day ABPI also launched Scouting programmes in Perth with few trained scout masters and scouts. ABPI plans to take into consideration the number or trained scouts masters and scouts in Perth and use their education, skills and knowledge to train the new scouts of our Bhutanese community with the main aim of preparing our young kids towards Gyalsung- the most noble initiative of His Majesty The King for the young Bhutanese that was launched on the most auspicious celebration of the 112 National Day of Bhutan.
ABPI also handed a cheque worth 11118 (eleven thousand one hundred and eighteen) in favor of The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service Relief Account  as a gesture of support to the victims of the most disastrous fire that engulfed Australia especially NSW. The fund was donated by compassionate Bhutanese living in Perth, WA. ABPI further apprised the Hon’ble Chief Guest that The Royal Government of Bhutan led by the Prime Minister, Ministers, parliament members, government officials, diplomats, monk body and the alumni offered butter lamps and prayers for the lives lost and affected in the devastating Australian Bush Fire at Simtokha Dzong on 5th January 2020.

The second day celebration was a grand one and was organsied at 5 Vasto Place at Balcatta with a hall full of people. The day was fully dedicated to our artists from Bhutan who came all the way to perform for the Bhutanese in Perth as a noble gift from His Majesty the King. Artists from Bhutan led by our famous actor Karma Choechongand including singer Pema Deki, actress Namgay Zam, singer and music director Jigme Norbu Wangdi and our most famous comedian Gyem Dorji took hold of the stage as the audience cheered in unison and immersed themselves in the performances. The day was graced by Hon’ble Ms. Janine Freeman, MLA of Miraboka, WA along with other distinguished guests like Mr. Miyata Kenji, Deputy Consular General of the Consulate of Japan in Perth, and our all time supporters The Vice President of Stanley College, Director of ISA migration and some good friends of Bhutan. The general public was offered a Tokha (Lunch) from His Majesty The King. The event was a big success.

We remain highly grateful to His Majesty for the love, gift and tokha showered on us and we are thankful to the Embassy in Bangkok for always supporting in all our needs.

Reported by:

Karma Choden

General Secretary

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