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With the increasing population of Bhutanese youth every year in Perth, the Event Coordinator came up with a point in our first meeting to commence a scouting program so that it shall create a platform for our future leaders to groom and mould themselves into a productive citizen.

With the statement ‘once a scout always a scout and scout as an agent for change”, with the commencement of the scouting program in Perth, the recruitment of the existing scouts and providing training to the new ones shall begin. Hence, the program shall engage the youth in a meaningful way inculcating the sense of Tha Damtse and Lay Judrae. Nevertheless, the scouting programme shall aim to encourage physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual development of young people to play a constructive role in the society as a responsible and productive citizen.

More so, youths are considered one of the most precious assets of our country which is why in every occasion, youths are emphasized in large by our King. In the recent National Day celebration 2019, His Majesty the King has commanded to come up with the national services for our youths before venturing to their higher studies. Therefore, through the scouting program, Bhutanese youths in Perth shall remain well aware of the national services initiated in the country under the Royal command and serve the country accordingly.

In order to create the avenue for the Scouts, we wish to engage the Scouts actively in the two days celebrations of His Majesty’s 40th Birth Anniversary to make it a grand success. The scouts shall also volunteer their services in the event management such as food preparation, serving, guest reception, crowd control, cleaning and chadri. Thereafter, we wish to make it a regular activity for scouts in events of national importance such as Her Majesty The Gyaltshuen’s, His Majesty The Great Fourth’s and His Highness The Gyalsey’s Birth Anniversary observation and celebration of National Day. There are also many religious activities taking place throughout the year for the wellbeing of the Bhutanese in Perth and we wish to involve Scouts wherever possible in all these activities.

Considering all the above aspects of utmost importance, The ABPI Event  Coordinator in collaboration with Youth Representative and other executive members shall work on the recruitment of old and new Bhutanese scouts in Perth and hold the scouting programs accordingly to inspire the young people to do their best and always be prepared.

Finally, we would like to request all the Bhutanese Scouts old and new interested to kindly register yourself providing the information as required in the registration form below.

We look forward to your continued support as always.

Namgay Wangchuk



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