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2020 will be marked in the history of Bhutan as a very significant year as Bhutan will be celebrating the 40 th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King-Our Peoples’ King. It will be a joyous moment for everyone in Bhutan. In the similar way Bhutanese living in Perth, Western  Australia would like to partake in this historic moment not only to honour
His Majesty The King but to honour the generations of Kings leading to this special day in the lives of every Bhutanese. On the actual Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King, we would like to mark the day at the ABPI centre with the reception of His Majesty the King in a chipdrel ceremony in the form of His Majesty’s portrait, place the Royal Kupar on the seat and offer Marchang ceremony followed by offering of Khadar at the seat of the Kupar of His Majesty The King by the Executives of ABPI 2020 in such a solemn manner as if His Majesty is right there before us. Then we wish to offer butter lamps, sing Zhabten for His Majesty The King and National Anthem that will be followed by cutting of the cake and talking about the significance of the day.
On 22/02/2020, which falls on a Saturday, we would like to call upon a huge public celebration with the Bhutanese Artists joining us to make it a grand celebration for all the Bhutanese in Perth. Like in the past two years, His Majesty will be sending a group of artists from Bhutan to entertain all the Bhutanese living not only in Perth but in other parts of Australia where most Bhutanese are settled. It is a noble gift from His Majesty The King on His Birthday for his people who are far away from home. We remain the most blessed citizen of Bhutan to receive such a befitting and noble gift from the throne.
As such on both the occasions, we are calling upon all our Bhutanese citizens to come together and celebrate the most auspicious occasion of our People’s King’s 40 th Birth Anniversary in the most special way that we can here in Perth –our home away from home. Lets all come together to stay united in a common cause to pay our homage, to show our Tha-Damtse-Lay-Lumdrey to our King, Country and People no matter where we are.
Looking forward to your support at all times.
Namgay Wangchuk

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