Blessed by lay jum dre and tha dam tsi, the celebration of the 38th Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the Fifth King of Bhutan in Perth, Western Australia was extraordinary. Despite all your schedules and your commitments, we share this deep acknowledgment to all the Bhutanese who turned up during the event. Thank you again for sharing the milestone occasion and expressing gratitude towards His Majesty the King of Bhutan and having faith in our Wangchuck Dynasty.

It was the biggest crowd our community had ever witnessed and this is history in making. We take this a supporting message that you have faith in our Community and that you want to see this Association grow for all times to come. Such is the attribute we would like to observe time and again, to uplift this community bonding despite the nature of the occasion and to see a happy Community. We are deeply moved by the support you provided by attending the event. Thank you.

A special acknowledgment is offered again to the delegates from Bhutan who carried the words of His Majesty the King, with jubilating performances and entertaining all the Bhutanese in Perth. Thank you to the guests from Western Australia for having faith in this Community and sharing your good wishes. Thank you to the participants from the Bhutanese community in Perth for making the festivity glamorous and engaging. Thank you to the helpers who ensured that the venue was taken care of properly. Thank you to everyone for the courage shown to not only stand up and speak but also in sitting down and listening.

Finally, thank you for this lay jum dre and tha dam tsi that we shared this milestone event together.

Palden Drukpa Gyalo, Drugyal Nga Pa Lha Gyalo.

Association of Bhutanese in Perth.
22 February 2018.
Western Australia.

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