Press Release

Press Release

Australia is going through a very devastating and tragic time with raging bush fires. Many animals have lost their lives and many more will be affected. Many people have been left homeless and some have lost their lives too. The Bhutanese communities in Western Australia as well as Bhutanese people living in every part of Australia and people back home in Bhutan have expressed their sorrows and share the pain of every one affected by the bush fire. With deep pain in our heart and as a token of respect, appreciation and support to the Australian Government and all the stakeholders involved in fighting this bush fire, the Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) would like to call upon all our compassionate Bhutanese in Australia, religious associations and interest groups to come forward and donate for a cause that is larger than ourselves. We would like to use the fund raised to organize National Kurim in Bhutan by the Central Monastic Body to liberate the sufferings and pains of everyone affected by the bush fire, call upon rain God to bless Australia with bountiful showers and also provide relief support for the victims and the fire fighters.

We welcome donations of any amount. Your support in this regard will be highly appreciated. Donations will remain open till 19th January 2020.

Kindly make your donations in the following account details:
Account Name: ABPI
BSB: 066140
Account number: 10397984
Description: Donation Bush fire

Namgay Wangchuk



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