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The 2020 Executive members of The Association of the Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated  (ABPI) is pleased to share with our Bhutanese Community in Perth that the WA has not yet reported any new cases of COVID-19 Positive. More so we are very happy to report that not a single Bhutanese tested positive for COVID-19. ABPI with the support of the Bhutanese in Perth COVID-19 Response Group (BIPCRG) and some kind hearted community volunteers has been able to render support to the ones who got affected by the COVID-19 crisis in terms of financial support such as paying the rents, and paying the tuition fees; in terms of psychological aspects like tele-counseling programme; in terms of social aspect like arts prgrammefor the children during the time of intense lock down and social isolation period and in terms of goods such as food item distributions.

ABPI would like to inform the Bhutanese Community in Perth that we offered a cheque worth 11118 (eleven thousand one hundred and eighteen) in favor of The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service Relief Account to Hon’bleSenator Dean Smith on 21st February 2020 as a gesture of support to the victims of the most disastrous fire that engulfed Australia especially NSW. Hon’ble Senator Dean Smith was supposed to hand over the cheque to the relevant agency during the parliament session in March but due to the COVID-19, the sessions were held back and so was the cheque with Senator.

As such Hon’ble Senator gifted us back with the same cheque to address the issues affecting the Bhutanese Community due to COVID-19. ABPI, thus, would like our community to know that we have diverted this fund into the COVID-19 account maintained with ABPI. We have also received AUD 5000 from Drukpa Australia and the same has been diverted to COVID-19 fund. Besides, the second round of donations amounting to AUD 3821that were collected from the Bhutanese Community in Perth is also diverted to COVID-19 Fund. So far ABPI has committed AUD 21,181.00 to mitigate and address the effect of COVID-19 on our Bhutanese Community in Perth. ABPI would like to support areas where direct help and support is required for our community people who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis such as the financial aid that we are currently providing for those affected and any fund required for tele-counseling or relevant activities.

ABPI would like to inform the general Bhutanese Community that COVID-19 brought out some of the best in our community especially in community volunteers like Mr. Younten Jamtsho, Lakey Tshering and Thukten who came forward to extend their support to ABPI in supporting our community people who got affected by COVID-19. While Younten Jamtsho initiated the public fund raising to support the tuition fee of one of our affected member, Lakey Tshering offered his house for people to live in in case if any affected people were looking for shelter and Thuktencame forward to distribute grocery items to our affected people. ABPI on behalf of all the Bhutanese Community would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to these kind hearted souls who came forward in such difficult times.

Lastly, ABPI would like to extend our immense gratitude to the Chair Dr. Khandu, Member Secretary Karma Wangchukand all the members of The Bhutanese in Perth COVID-19 Response Group (BIPCRG) without whose relentless effort we could not have addressed the issues that came out of COVID-19, which affected our Bhutanese Community. Thank you to all beyond the earth and sky.

Immense gratitude to all

Stay safe and Informed.

Karma Choden

General Secretary

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