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The Bhutanese Communities in Australia have come together in solidarity to initiate a fund-raising drive for the last two weeks. The very idea of the fund-raising drive was borne out of our love, compassion and our Thadamtse Layjumdrey towards our Tsawa Sum when Bhutan experienced the first case of COVID-19 positive in a foreign visitor to Bhutan. This one stray case in Bhutan brought out the best in our people and connected Bhutanese across Australia in ways that has never been seen before. It is the first time when all the Bhutanese across the whole of Australia came in unison thereby demonstrating the essence of a true Bhutanese in hearts, souls and spirits. The Associations of the Bhutanese Communities in various states in Australia would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude towards all the individual Bhutanese, sports clubs, religious organizations and other social support groups who came forward to support this noble cause of ours. We would also like to convey our utmost gratitude to our international but very good friends of Bhutan Mr. Dhyan Singh, Vice President of Stanley College in Perth and Mr. Amit Taya, Director of ISA Migrations in Perth for their generous contributions in this noble venture.

We would like to present here with the contributions from the various Associations based in Australia for the purpose of transparency to our fellow contributors:

1. Adelaide Group AUD: 155
2. Australia Bhutanese Association of Canberra (ABAC): AUD 21022.37
3. Association of The Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI): AUD 78760.49.
4. Brisbane Bhutanese Association Incorporated: AUD 7032.00

5. Druk Melbourne Association incorporated: AUD 3803

6. Sydney Bhutanese Community: AUD: 795

On the whole a total collection of AUD 111567.86 has been received from Bhutanese across Australia. The amount will be submitted along with the Press Release and the list of the contributors to HM’s Kidu Fund for COVID-19, His Majesty’s Secretariat Office, TashichhoDzong amounting to USD 62,299.49

Words are not enough to thank His Majesty The King for personally overseeing all the mitigation and preventive works in respect of COVID-19 and in ensuring that Bhutanese are safe and sound no matter in which part of the globe they are at this point in time. Thank You Your Majesty. We remain ever grateful. We would also like to extend our immense gratitude to His Holiness The Je Khenpo for tirelessly empowering our people with hearts teaching to stay calm in this disturbing situation. Our unlimited expression of gratitude to our Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers, senior government officials, our health officials, armed forces, Desuups, corporations and private entities for jointly tackling this pandemic.

Thank you to all.

The Bhutanese Communities in Australia


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