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With the recent outbreak of a single case of COVID-19 situation in Bhutan, The Bhutanese Community in Perth immediately rose to the situation back home to provide whatever little support we can to our motherland. While we rise to the situation back home, now it is equally high time to prepare ourselves to brace for any unforeseen situation in our host country.

Towards this, ABPI would like to remind every Bhutanese in Perth of the recent notification from the Government of Western Australia to stop any mass gathering that could be potential for spreading and getting infected with COVID-19. As such ABPI would like to announce to the general Bhutanese population in WA that henceforth no movie screening will be approved until further notice and we would like to request every sports associations and clubs or religious associations to postpone any games and sports activities and religious activities if you have one on the way until furthernotice. This goes for anyone planning to organise dance party or any fund raising activities too. As a responsible people in a multicultural setting, it is of utmost important to follow the rules and regulations, guidelines and policies of the host country to play a critical role for a safe society. ABPI would also like to advise our people not to make any travel plans unless very necessary and if you at all travel outside of Perth then to follow the WA government policies of compulsory quarantine period. Please know that if you do not adhere to the quarantine policy of the government you may be liable for a very hefty fine including that of deportation.

At the same time, ABPI would like to request our people not to panic and stay calm. At this point in time, it is important to adhere to the health notification from the host country, which is very basic personal hygiene and sanitation practice and responsible personal behaviour. Please know that His Majesty The King is equally concerned about his people outside of Bhutan as much as he is concerned of his people back home. We have the continuous support of the Royal Bhutanese Embassy in Bangkok who has been in touch with ABPI almost on a daily basis enquiring about the well being of our Bhutanese not only in Perth but whole of Australia and the Bhutanese residing in other parts of the world.

To this effect, ABPI would like to reiterate the registration of the Bhutanese in Perth so that at times of emergency it will guide ABPI and our Royal Government of Bhutan to plan for any contingencies. As of now only 948 Bhutanese residing in Perth have registered with ABPI. We would like to request everyone to kindly understand the importance of registration as a Bhutanese. We will be attaching here with a registration form to fill out your details, which only you can view. No membership fees required to get yourself registered. Last date to submit the form is 31st March 2020.

ABPI will keep informing of any updates. Please contact ABPI officials if you have any inquiries. The contact details are shared in the website of ABPI.
Stay safe

Karma Choden

General Secretary


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