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The Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) would like to apprise that ABPI is very proud of all our Bhutanese who came forward to show your solidarity with the people of our second home when the devastating bush fire shattered many lives, destroyed many properties and left a painful void in the lives of many. We are happy that our fellow Bhutanese showed your compassion when needed the most.

Now is the time to show even greater level of compassion to our people and our very first home in the light of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Bhutan. Although, it is one case detected now, we are aware that it is a virus that spreads rapidly and could affect many. The Government led by the Prime Minister, Ministers and all the responsible citizens is spending sleepless night to ensure our people are safe. And most of all our His Majesty The King is over seeing the mitigation work all by himself once again putting his own life at risk being in the very area where the COVID-19 patient is being quarantined.

Even the private sectors have come forward to show their support to the government in containing and fighting the COVID-19 situation in Bhutan. It is the time for the Bhutanese in Perth to respond to the situation responsibly.

Therefore, we would like to initiate a fund raising drive so that we could contribute and be a part of the mitigation effort towards the containing of the COVID-19 situation in Bhutan. The fund raised will be directly sent to the Secretariat Office of His Majesty The King so that it could be directed toward relevant organisations or ministries as deemed fit.

ABPI looks forward to spontaneous support from all the Bhutanese in Perth.

The donation will remain open for two weeks with effect from today and will close on 22nd March 2020. The donation can be made in the following account details:

Account Name: ABPI


Account number: 10397984

Stay safe.
Karma Choden

General Secretary

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