Bhutan’s 3rd Parliamentary Elections

Bhutan’s 3rd Parliamentary Elections


Dear Members,

Despite the outcome, elections ensure individuals effort to select the best leaders for nation-building and securing a safe future. Each Bhutanese, near or far in this way has served an instrumental role for Bhutan and Bhutanese. So doing, we have made sure we choose dynamic yet wise, strategic yet generous and above all, a visionary leader. We may not have achieved full, but we are going there. And someday, we will reach there, if wisdom is what we seek.

In view of the limited response from Bhutanese in Perth, the Election Commission of Bhutan has consulted the Association of Bhutanese in Perth (ABPI) and through us is reaching out to all Bhutanese in Perth to participate in this Year’s parliamentary election. You can register through the online Google form to participate in this Year’s election.

The online form to register is:

Please sign up latest by this weekend.

Please note, the Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) is an apolitical body and does not propagate any parties ideologies.

Like foreign remittance is helping ourselves, our family and also in nation’s economic building, let’s also ensure we help Bhutan choose her wise leaders. Do it for your family, do it for yourself and do it for our King. And do it for everything that makes us as Bhutanese.

Best regards,

The Management.
16 March 2018.

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