Organising events with ABPI: Structural explanation

How to organise events/programmes in collaboration with ABPI?

This is in continuation to the post we shared earlier on how one can organise events/programmes in collaboration with ABPI. The chart is self explanatory. However, to add on, ABPI’s approach solely doesn’t intend to make profit out of such activities. ABPI by nature is registered as a not-for-profit organisation. Our primary motive through this is also not to centralise as an authoritative body, but more so as an institution promoting solidarity in our community.

You are encouraged to bring forward any event/programme and we are more than happy to support you. The upcoming immediate ABPI programme are Annual Volley Ball tournament, Fall Basketball tournament and ABPI Annual Football Rolling Trophy. ABPI movie is also scheduled to be screened soon.

It is advised and urged at strong will to not organise any events/programmes without proper legal backing. One person’s happiness should not jeopardise everyone’s tranquility. Help us to help keep this small Bhutanese community vibrant, dynamic and safe. If you haven’t, you can join as a member by signing up to this easy e-form available at our website

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13 May 2018.

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