Organisational Structure of the ABPI

Organisational structure of ABPI.

The ABPI during its 6th Meeting held on 21 April 2018 endorsed the new organisational structure of the ABPI. This change is in alignment with the constant change, expectation and milestone that the ABPI is moving onto. In so disposing our duties, a good way forward that includes strategy, team work and cooperation is important.

Organisational structures help us define as an organisation and more so, as a team working towards a common goal. This structure is not an end in itself and needs constant support and dynamics in accordance to change. The office that each personnel holds in this organisation is therefore a crucial element in keeping the organisation alive not just for today, but for all times to come.

With this way forward strategy, we hope that organisation remains dynamic and supportive for today, tomorrow and forever. The roles and responsibilities of each of the office can be read here…/u…/2016/02/Constitution_-ABPI.pdf

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7 May 2018.

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