His Majesty’s Birth Anniversary celebration in Perth

His Majesty’s Birth Anniversary celebration in Perth

Birth anniversary celebration of His Majesty the Fifth King of Bhutan.

Dear friends,

We hope you are doing well.

In continuation to our information, please find enclosed the confirmed actors from the Bhutan Film Association received for the His Majesty’s birth anniversary celebration in Perth (enclosed as photo). Their arrival details are as follows:

19 Feb 2018: Bangkok to Perth.
20 – 23 Feb 2018: Halt for celebration
24 Feb 2018: Perth to Bangkok.

Detailed programme details from the actor’s end are due to receive.

As you are cognizant, the programme was received only a few days ago. We are due to finalize the event itinerary from the actor’s end and active communication is being made. Despite the short notice, however, we are delighted to make this a milestone. Receiving this gesture itself is a huge achievement for the Bhutanese in Perth.

As the film actors make up a tentative programme, the actors are keen to also have participants from the Bhutanese in Perth. This in ways would make the celebration more lively and a memorable one by having a mixed programme.

As a token of gesture to our Monarch, we are certain that you are eagerly waiting for this programme. That you want to actively participate in this programme. Therefore, we keenly would like to request Bhutanese in Perth for your kind participation. Irrespective of the age and gender, we welcome programme from your end, viz solo songs, group dance, rigsar, boedra, zhungdra, among others. Please send us a direct message here, or drop us an email at, or register with our cultural coordinator, Mr. Sonam Norbu at 0449966154.

Please note the tentative venue for the programme is at MACEDONIAN COMMUNITY CENTRE from 5:00 pm onward (tentative only). Please be advised, we will keep you updated with regard to the venue and time, and any changes thereto.

This post is not limited to people here in this page. Please share this to as many Bhutanese in Perth, to the extent possible. As always, thank you for your time and look forward to your active participation.

Have a joyful weekend.

Best Regards,

The Management

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