His Eminence Jamgon Rinpochhe’s Australia fund raising tour

His Eminence Jamgon Rinpochhe’s Australia fund raising tour

In continuation of our earlier announcement dated 5 February 2018, please find enclosed the biography of HE Jamgon Rinpoche and programme organized in Perth.

Jamgon Tulku Rinpoche was born on 28/10/1983 in a remote region of Goen Amorima in Punakha Bhutan on an auspicious day, corresponding to the day of descent of the Buddha Shakyamuni from the heavenly realms. His birth was marked by numerous miraculous signs such as sacred water turning into milk, a pavilion of rainbow light appearing in the sky. His parent’s lineage can be traced back to the noble clan who carried the great Jowo Shakyamuni statue from China to Tibet as a dowry to the then King of Tibet, Songtsengampo when he married the Chinese Princess Wencheng, popularly known as “Gyasa” or the “Chinese wife”.

His family’s noble lineage also comes from Demang Tsemang, who was at the helm in carrying out the enlightened activities of King Thrisong Deutsen, The great accomplished master Terkhungpa, the very significantly known and exalted in the history of Bhutan first Desid Umze Tenzin Drukgyal and Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltsen.

(More details on Rinpoche’s bio is shared here Jamgon Tulku-Bio).

As a sacred responsibility of all Bhutanese to preserve and promote our culture, we hope to receive your full support on this front.

Please reach out to your respective Area coordinators and other Executive Committee Members (personal details on the website who is circulating the programme details. As most Bhutanese are not part of this platform, we also request your kind assistance to share with each and every Bhutanese living in Perth. Let’s start the Year 2018 (Bhutanese New Year) with blessings and happiness.

Thank you and best regards,

(For and on behalf of the Executive Committee Members)

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