Helping our community through this COVID-19 crisis

Dear all Bhutanese in Perth & Western Australia,

The COVID-19 Response Group and ABPI is now preparing to implement the Financial Relief plan in the form of RENTAL ASSISTANCE and FOOD & ESSENTIALS support to our affected community members. We have been working to improve our available budget but it is still where it was last week. And we will make this $14,744 available to the affected members before we wait to hear responses from the government.  Our letters to the educational institutions have been heard and they are currently looking into what more support they can provide to international students.

Our interim report suggests that more than 40% (i.e., 219 people) of 506 respondents require some form of financial support to get through this crisis. On this note, we will work through the next step of extending the support from our available budget of $14,744 and through our community volunteer groups. All enquires & supports will be initiated based on the current situations submitted through the Second Round COVID-19 Response Survey due to close tonight. The COVID-19 Response Group & ABPI takes no responsibility & liability of the affected Bhutanese Community members who could not take their time to submit their current situations.

Our immediate step will be to ensure that the support is given to the most affected ones and that will be done by scrutinising their background financial checks. Our procedure is outlined below:

1. COVID-19 Response Group Financial Support Procedure

2. COVID-19 Response Group Support Model & Community Survey II Results



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