HE Jamgoen Rinpochhe’s visit to Perth

HE Jamgoen Rinpochhe’s visit to Perth

Date:   20180224

The enlightened activities of the Buddhas and the Bodhisattvas are beyond the apprehension of the ordinary beings. The undisclosed accounts of the great beings are difficult to grasp by the ordinary minds.

Among different levels of biographies of the great sublime masters, this presentation is an “outer” biography of Jamgon Tulku Rinpoche.

Jamgon Tulku Rinpoche was born on 28/10/1983 in a remote region of Goen Amorima in Punakha Bhutan on an auspicious day, corresponding to the day of descent of the Buddha Shakyamuni from the heavenly realms. His birth was marked by numerous miraculous signs such as sacred water turning into milk, a pavilion of rainbow light appearing in the sky. His parent’s lineage can be traced back to the noble clan who carried the great Jowo Shakyamuni statue from China to Tibet as a dowry to the then King of Tibet, Songtsengampo when he married the Chinese Princess Wencheng, popularly known as “Gyasa” or the “Chinese wife”.

His family’s noble lineage also comes from Demang Tsemang, who was at the helm in carrying out the enlightened activities of King Thrisong Deutsen, The great accomplished master Terkhungpa, the very significantly known and exalted in the history of Bhutan first Desrid Umze Tenzin Drukgyal and Jamgon Ngawang Gyaltsen.

As soon as Jamgon Tulku was born, the late Venerable Sangay Thinlay, then the Tshenyid Lopon(one of the high ranking Lopons among the five Lopons in the central monastic body) right away recognized him as the unmistaken reincarnation of the predecessor, Tulku Yeshey Ngodup.

When Rinpoche was three years old, His Holiness the late Dilgo Khentse Rinpoche also recognized him through his clairvoyant realization. Furthermore, as Jamgon Rinpoche began to speak, he recalled the names of his relatives and friends of his past life without any need for introduction. These accounts convinced the people on the authenticity of him being a true reincarnation of his predecessor and led to his popularity across the nation.

On the advice of Dorji Lopen Rinpoche, HE Jamgoen Rinpoche is on Australia tour to seek additional support to complete the renovation of Lhakhang in Punakha. In an effort to keep our culture and tradition cemented, it is our responsibility to maintain the strong communal bonding that we have always shared over the Years. We hope to receive full support from all our members and make this event successful and prosperous.

Look forward to seeing you all during the event.

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