Happy Teacher’s Day

Happy Teacher’s Day
Love will keep us alive
15 years back from today community was different, time was different, people’s lifestyle changed and so did expectation from life. Fast forward today, the community is different, time is different, people’s lifestyle has changed and so has the expectation of life. But one thing that has remained constant is the concept of “teacher”. And celebrated it is as the teacher’s day. In Bhutan, teacher’s day is celebrated on 2 May annually, 26 October (or last Friday in October) in Australia, and 29 October in New Zealand.
This decoration is not merely a corner table memento, but a day to mark a teacher’s contribution to their community, to students, and persistently in loving memory of different chapters they created in our lives.
Robert Heinlein rightly said, “when one teaches, two learn.” And we couldn’t agree more on the fact that teachers play an instrumental role in our life. It is for this reason, these three important people we meet when in our lifetime, 1)Parents, 2)Almighty, 3)Master/Teacher, get the respect they deserve and the value they have earned. Even though that Dzongkha Lopen of yours who came like the god of thunder every time he walked to you and never gave a score higher than 58 for mispronouncing cha as tsha, despite repeated love proposal you made to that young trainee teacher from Samtse and organically turned down, the proudness you felt to let everyone in school see your underwear as the Principal smear your buttocks with that cane and all those school picnics taken together, those were part of the pieces and chapters that help you grow.
As we close the day today, once again, on this joyous occasion of Teacher’s Day, let us wish all teacher’s in Bhutan, in particular, the Bhutanese in Perth who was once a teacher and who still carry the heart of a teacher, a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Let this love you carry, keep all of us alive and moving.
“One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai.
Happy Teacher’s Day.
2 May 2018.

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