Daughter – You mean this holiday? What will happen to the story that you told me last night?
Father – Well, I figured out, if I tell that story on our bus tour that I have registered for this holiday, I will be able to tell you in a way that you will never forget.
Daughter – Oh really! Sounds so fun. You are the best Apa in the world.

Life is uncertain, so let us all celebrate this time, this moment we have now. Let time not be an excuse. Let our emotions deserve its special place. The ABPI is pleased to invite all Bhutanese in Perth that coinciding this holiday, on 1 April 2018, we are organizing “HAPPPY COMMUNITY BUS TOUR”. A total of 45 seater bus has been hired to make this event a success. We will explore the following places:

Margaret river covering Busselton, Jetty, One Cave, Leeuwin tower and a winery.

A perfect time to blend, communicate and welcome each other in Perth. We hope such tour will vastly help all Bhutanese to meet in a common forum. Come along with your friends, bring along your family, we will make this event a historic moment in Perth.

The following modest fee has been worked out to cover the cost of this tour:

Members: $ 49 per person
Non-members: $69 per person
Family or as a Group (3 and more than 3): 15% waived off on the total cost.
** Water and snacks are included in this cost. Please note this cost doesn’t include entrance fee, if required in certain areas.

Registrations close by Thursday 4 pm. As excited we are like you to celebrate this bus tour, we won’t be able to go on this tour if we have less than 45 people. Therefore, please register at the following online form starting today:

P.S. Here, happy is spelled as “Happpy” with an extra p. That is to show extra happiness.

Best Regards,

27 March 2018.

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