Handing Taking

Handing Taking

Handing taking 

The Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) concluded its 6th AGM on 30 November 2019. The incumbent executive team ended its tenure and passed on this torch of hope and faith to the new executive team. 

Yesterday, on 4 January 2019 the outgoing team members formally handed over all assets of ABPI that includes the ABPI home Centre at Balga, administrative documents, web admin credentials, religious items, audio visual items, discussions on way forward measures and growth strategy for ABPI.

Here are some of the snapshots the outgoing ABPI Committee team had the honor to share our deepest respect and faith to our very own community during our tenure in 2019. Some of these members have served for more than a year. 

As we look back today, the Association is ever more strong, our diplomatic relations are bigger than before, we have various other community groups within our own community. ABPI has a home Centre where we now offer accommodation and community services, we have streamlined guidelines, rules and extended ABPI’s services such as movie screening, sports and events organising, among others. 

As we leave as outgoing Committee members, we offer our prayers and genuine hope that this Association will grow more than ever. As a team, we have served the Community and the ABPI with no personal benefit. We have acknowledged past community leaders, acknowledged the community and extended ABPI’s reach to the Australian community. Developing and integrating beyond our own community is very important and this is where integrating with Australian community becomes crucial. Supporting members coming forward for committee is important and this is where we not just say thank you but also offer structural ideas on sustainability. We have done that, yet more is left to extend further. 

Our hope has been to see a community thriving with social dynamics such as entrepreneurs, businesses, different events, a dynamic society and a community that thrives on healthy dialogues. We are slowly observing this trend and so shall we see such progress over time. 

To all the people who have come forward to help, to all the community members who have come forth to serve as team members and to everyone who wishes good hope for ABPI, thank you for your help, thank you for being part of our collective development. 

A very good luck to all new team members and to every forth coming team members. While we leave as ABPI Committee, we remain as a dedicated member of ABPI and share our support to grow our community organization. The seed is planted, let us all grow it together.  

Thank you one and all and we wish you good luck and happiness. 

Thus, we sign out. 

Karma Wangchuk (Karma Wangchuk)

2018- General Secretary

2019 – President 


Karma Choden (Karma C Tobesky) 

2019- General Secretary 


Tenzing Chophel

2019 – Treasurer 


Tsheten Dorji (Tsheten Dorji)


Events Coordinator


Karma Yangzom Gyeltshen

2019 Osborne Park Coordinator 


Karun Gurung (Karun Gurung)

Part Games Coordinator 2019 


Pratima GP (Pratima Pradhan)

Part Web administrator 2019 


Jamyang Sonam

2019 Area Coordinator Wembley 


Tashi Darjay 

2019 Area Coordinator and part Home Centre Manager 


Phuntsho Nidup

2019 Youth Coordinator

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