Dzongkha Language Teacher

Dzongkha Language Teacher
Dzongkha Language Teacher
a. ABPI would like to hire services of Dzongkha language teacher. Preferably an individual with prior teaching experience in Dzongkha Language in Bhutan. The Dzongkha language teacher would be recruited on a permanent part time basis and an hourly see as professional fees will be offered. Working with children rights is necessary and must be submitted along with your application. The application must include your previous working experience as a language teacher. Application must be submitted to latest by 30 June 2019.
b. A Dzongkha Learning Committee comprised of representatives from parents, volunteers and ABPI representatives shall oversee the functioning of the classes to ascertain its sustainability and quality. Majority of the Committee members will be formed either on a voluntary basis or nominated from the parents and a ToR will be framed accordingly.
c. A proper lesson plan will be organised to demonstrate the milestone and achievement of students learning Dzongkha and the teachings being made.
d. Sessions will be organised every weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and the timing, student class placement, student registration and class charges will be prepared accordingly and announced very soon.
e. The ABPI will work in close collaboration with the Council and Education Department of Australia and Bhutan to deliver good quality results.
f. Venue, modules and other details will be announced shortly hereafter.
g. A discussion group over social media will be formed where parents can share their ideas, suggestions and recommendations.
It must be noted that the initiative for a Dzongkha language is in process through the His Majesty’s Secretariat in Bhutan. However, this is a long term approach and would come to effect only after the Consulate services. Meanwhile, the ABPI in consultation with the Embassy in Bangkok and the Bhutanese parents in WA would like to initiate this important language session.
Support from the parents and well wishers is very important and we hope that with this support, can extend the quality of Dzongkha language further and enhance our culture to our younger generations.
With regards, 
Karma Wangchuk, President
On behalf of the ABPI team 

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