Deepest prayers and happiness

Deepest prayers and happiness

UNDP last week recognized His Majesty the King of Bhutan for three major human development achievements in Bhutan 🇧🇹- His Majesty’s championing of Gross National Happiness as a holistic development paradigm; His Majesty’s leadership on the environment and climate action, which has ensured that Bhutan is the only carbon-neutral country in the world; and His Majesty’s guidance, which ensured a smooth transition of the system of governance and strong democratic foundations to be established in Bhutan.

The award is prestigious and important. And what makes it more worthy enough is that our King became the chosen one. We couldn’t be more proud as a Bhutanese and above all, a happy and peaceful country guided by our His Majesty the King.

Thank you Your Majesty and we wish you happiness and prayers.

ABPI team 
On behalf of the Bhutanese Community in Perth 
21 March 2019

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