De-Suung update in Perth

De-Suung update in Perth

Dear members,

We are pleased to submit that the ABPI is working in collaboration with De-Suung.

Desuup Karma Yangzom (19th Batch), Co-ordinator of Thimphu Desuung (women) has been advised by the De-Suung Office to get the details of Desuups in Perth and submit their names, De-Suung ID number, Batch number, and their email ids. This is mainly required to update in the De-Suung Database System which is directly monitored by HM K5. Through this, the De-suung Office also wants to contact the Desuups directly in case of any emergency/securities.

Kindly use the online form to update your Desuup details.

Please update it latest by 25 March 2018. You can also contact Desuup Karma Yangzom, 19th batch, co-ordinator of Thimphu Desuup, mobile no. 0426077789 for registration.

Thank you, Karma Yangzom and all the Desuups for your contribution.

With Best regards,
General Secretary

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