Community COVID-19 impact survey results

In order to study and understand the community reaction to this rare COVID-19 pandemic, and its physical affects at the individual level, a community survey was conducted immediately after the formation of the response group, using the online Google Form from 30 March to 02 April 2020. The questions being asked include, basic household information, types of visas held, study related information & COVID-19 affects, job security, immediate concerns, and possible resolutions to mitigating public safety and panic.

There was an overwhelming response to the survey – a total of 1683 Bhutanese living in Western Australia (above 18 years old) participated in the survey. The survey results showed that more than 78% of Bhutanese in Western Australia are students and their spouses and there are approximately 400 children supporting their families. The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has cut deep into the community and it has particularly hit hard to those community members who work in the cleaning industry, and restaurant & hospitality businesses as a result of government measures imposed on businesses & society and fear of widespread transmission of COVID-19 among the public. A graphical summary of the survey result is presented as follows.

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