In an effort to recognize the support ABPI received from the volunteers during the two major events of His Majesty’s 38th Birth Anniversary Celebration and His Eminence Jamgoen Rinpoche’s visit to Perth, the ABPI is pleased to award the “CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION”.
Enclosed is the list of all the volunteers who had helped during the two major events:
1. Mr. Singye Dhendup, Bentley
2. Mr. Gawa Dorji, Balga
3. Ms. Karma Yangzom, Applecross
4. Ms. Sonam Chokey, Bentley
5. Ms. Pema Wangmo, Bentley
6. Ms. Yeshi Peldon, Bentley
7. Ms. Tshering Zam, Applecross
8. Ms. Dawa Dema, Bentley
9. Mr. Kezang, Wilson
10. Mr. Ugyen Dorji
11. Ms. Phub Tshering, Osborne Park
12. Mr. Karma (Ata Karma), Bentley
13. Mr. Tandi Dorji, Murdoch
14. Mr. Singye Wangdi and Group (Officers), Wilson
15. Ms. Chimmi, Bentley
16. Ms. Choney Wangmo, Waneroo
17. Ms. Thinley Pem, Wembley
18. Ms. Kelzang Wangmo, Bentley
19. Ms. Thinley Wangzom, Bentley
20. Ms. Rigzin Om, Wilson
21. Mr. Sonam Tshering, Bentley
22. Mr. Singye Dhendup, Bentley
23. Mr. Samten Wangchuk, Glendalough
24. Mr. Lhendup Tshering, Glendalough
25. Mr. Yeshi Jamtsho, Glendalough
26. Mr. Tshering Dorji, Murdoch
27. Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, Waterford
28. Mr. Karma Yonten, Glendalough
29. Ms. Queenga
30. Mr. Sonam Tashi
31. Ms. Sonam Zangmo
32. Ms. Sonam Choden
33. Ms. Karma
34. Ms. Sangay Choden
35. Mr. Karma Wangdi
36. Mr. Sonam Tenzin, Morley
37. Mr. Kunzang, Churchland
38. Mr. Thinley Dorji, Mosman Park
39. Mr. Dorji Khandu, Mosman Park
40. Mr. Dorji Rabten, Wembley
41. Ms. Ugyen Zangmo, Glendalough
42. Ms. Phub Zam, Burswood
43. Ms. Dorji Wangmo, Beckenham
44. Dr. Khandu, Beckenham
45. Mr. Pema Gyeltshen, Churchland
46. Mr. Kuenzang Tshering, Glendalough
47. Ms. Sonam Choden, Balga
48. Mr. Tsheten Dorji, Morley
49. Mr. Pema Gyeltshern, Wilson
50. Mr. Yeshey Wangdi, Glendalough
51. Mr. Tandin Tshewang, Glendalough
52. Ms. Dechen Zangmo, Mosman Park
53. Mr. Rinchen Nidup, Wembley
54. Mr. Sonam Jamtsho, Wembley
55. Mr. Sangay Tenzin, Bentley
56. Mr. Sonam Tenzin, West Leederville
57. Ms. Dechen Tshomo, Tuart Hill
58. Ms. Uden, Leeming
59. Ms. Tenzin Lhaden, Wembley
60. Ms. Ugyen Wangmo, Wembley
61. Ms. Yesel Dema, Wembley
62. Ms. Tshering Choden, Wembley
63. Mr. Kelzang Penjor, Victoria Park
64. Ms. Jigme Choden, Wembley
65. Ms. Tshering Pelden, Stirling
66. Ms. Sangay, Wembley
67. Ms. Dema, Wembley
68. Mr. Tshering Samdrup, Wembley
69. Ms. Kesang Choden, West Leederville
70. Mr. Dorji, Burswood
71. Ms. Pema Yangzom, Wembley
While we have tried to reach out to all the volunteers, we might have missed out on names, for which we apologize. We want to acknowledge your efforts and therefore, kindly request you to send your name, your contact number, and address, if we have missed out on your name.
We hope this token of appreciation helps you in your endeavor.
With best regards,
The Management
23 March 2018.

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