Celebration of 39 Birth Anniversary of His Majesty – Video link is up!

Good morning to all, 

We hope your holiday season is going well. The ABPI is pleased to release the video report for the celebration of 39 Birth Anniversary of His Majesty the King. It was a great celebration and probably a celebration we will remember down the road. Thank you to everyone who lend your hands and soul in helping this event be successful. We would like to personally thank Karma Chophel and Kuenga for making the video, Pema Gyelsthen & Sonam Rabten for being the main chef for the day, Rajesh and Sherab Dorji for shopping, Lop Pema Rinzin, Sonam Rinzin for music set up, Younten and team for the cleaning, all volunteers who helped set up and make things easier at kitchen. A list of volunteer names will be uploaded soon. 

You can watch the video at

Thank you once again to everyone. We wish you good health, wealth and happiness. 

The ABPI team.

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