Date:   20191130
Venue: 123 Balga Avenue

As we near towards the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the ABPI, we would like to once again share the following:
    • Nomination and election of Good Governance Committee (GGC) shall take place during the AGM. Please see the brief TOR for the GGC (third photo). This document will guide you for your preparation as a GGC member. Any Bhutanese living WA can come and contest as GGC member which will be nominated via election. We hope that by sharing this document, you will come prepared and help us elect new ABPI Executive Team for the Year 2020 and take our Association to further greater heights.
  1. good governance committee
    • The second most important Agenda for the AGM is the finalisation of candidates calling for the new ABPI Executive Post. This will be spearheaded by the GGC after 30 November 2019. Any Bhutanese living WA can come and contest as ABPI Executive member which will be selected via election. One must have your membership activated in order to contest for the post.
    • It would be ideal to see the formation of new ABPI Executive Committee by December 17 2019 so that handing-taking and effective transition can happen latest by 31 December 2019 and the new ABPI Executive Team can officially take charges by 1 January 2020.
A copy of full Agenda has been circulated to all emails of the member. If you haven’t received one, this means we haven’t received your details at this stage.
It is with great hope and belief that we seek everyone’s cooperation and participation for this important event of the Year. We request everyone to visit our website and activate your membership by visiting
If you have not registered but paid your membership fee, please register via this system. Once you do that, you will receive a new membership card which will look as follows (please note, earlier physical laminated membership card has since then been discontinued as we moved over to digital card system). Please send us an email at if you wanted to check your membership status (you will also be able to access your membership portal) or require any further assistance.
With kind regards,
Karma Wangchuk, President
On behalf of the ABPI team
25 November 2019

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