Dear All Bhutanese living in Perth and Western Australia,

Unity is key especially in this very difficult circumstances created by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, whether you are impacted by the pandemic or not, it is extremely crucial for every Bhutanese living in Western Australia to fill out the survey form. The COVID-19 Response Task Force Team is working hard behind closed doors to draft and finalise an action plan.
It is only through this collective approach that we can withstand this pandemic. We request for calm and be up-to-date with the State & Federal government guidelines. Again, Please contact us for any immediate concerns.
So far we have only 1289 responses. It is a very good response rate but we urge all to share the survey link with your friends & family members to have them included.

Thank you for those who have responded to our survey and we are hopeful the rest of our friends will submit theirs in the next two days.

Karma Choden
General Secretary,


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