We are pleased to submit that the ABPI Easter Bus Tour and ABPI Easter Night Party was well received. Thank you to all the participants who traveled as a family during the tour, everyone who came to dance to the tunes of our music, sharing food, words, photos and above all, the memory we created during this holiday. It will always be remembered.

We covered over 600 km in travel and touched the southern ocean and Indian ocean. There was Margaret by the river, wines to welcome us and nature to amaze us. Alan, the driver had unlimited words and a big voice to keep us awake during the entire trip. Our travelers were patient, fun loving and cooperative during the entire journey. Similarly, the night party brought together people from all walks of life. Ladies reassured us that they are beautiful and so did men for being a gentleman. All-in-all, thank you for sharing this time together and let the odds always be in your favor.

We acknowledge these people who made the bus trip possible:

1. Nim Dem.
2. Tshering Dema.
3. Wangmo.
4. Pratima.
5. Sarita Rai.
6. Kezang Dema.
7. Karma Wangchuk.
8. Lenko.
9. Rinchenmo.
10. Sonam Wangmo.
11. Chencho Dorji.
12. Kinzang Deki.
13. Pema Dorji.
14. Dorji Dema.
15. Sangay Wangmo.
16. Phuntsho Wangmo.
17. Phuntsho Wangmo.
18. Sangay Dorji.
19. Sonam Jamtsho.
20. Kinley Namgay Dorji.
21. Phuntsho Nidup.
22. Sangay Dorji.
23. Tshomo.
24. Kinley Pem.
25. Tshering Dekar.
26. Kezang Dema.
27. Kinley.

In addition to this, we immensely would like to acknowledge the support provided by our Desuups in Perth group for your unwavering support. Our security was intact with your support. Thank you for sharing the time with us.



4 April 2018.

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