Acknowledgement to our Community

Acknowledgement to our Community

Acknowledgement to our Community

“Where there is will, there is a way.”

In a span during the last 12 days, the Bhutanese Community in Western Australia proved once again that together, anything is possible. That together, we not only make each other stronger but more effective, confident and happy. Rinpochhe and his entourage has officially returned to Bhutan and we wish them the best in their endeavours. In this span of days, wrapping up without some of your contributions is incomplete.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you, in particular:

1. Four spiritual dharma groups – Druk Gom Foundation and Lhodrak Kharchu Centre for organising quality dinner, Drukpa Perth Centre for organising outstanding lunch and Paedtseling Vajrayana Dharma Centre in preparing the well decorated set up and chadri. Without your support, we would not only miss out on delicious Bhutanese cuisine but also a joy of sitting down together and sharing jokes, laughs, words and various talks. Thank you to the team leaders who led the group and to the group who worked along with your team leader. Such cooperation will only see success.

2. Acknowledgement is also shared to Dasho Namgay Wangchuk for serving as the MC for the day. As always, Dasho has always been receptive to share his time and skills for our community. Alongside, acknowledgement goes to Mr. Tsheten Dorji for setting up a good audio visual system. Together, we received a well established event.

3. Mr. Kunzang Wangdi, former General Secretary of ABPI and current employee at Stanley College for liaising wherever and whenever necessary and also assisting in the proceedings of Rimdro.

4. Volunteers, in particular Chimi Namgyel, his wife and his friend Gado for helping in wrap up and making it possible to deliver all equipments safely at ABPI centre which ended at 2:30 am on 5 May 2019. In addition, continuing to provide transportation and assisting to drive the hiace bus has been your biggest contribution. Volunteer groups Aum Dechen, Aum Ugyen and Group who came forward to entertain, provide time and making it possible to help us cover for vacant spaces in sight seeing, tea and snacks. All of your contributions will forever be remembered.

5. Individual groups who have sponsored and volunteered to come forward and offer food, tea and snacks and help in ABPI Centre as well as Drukpa Perth Centre cleaning was outstandingly presented and all of your names are reflected on our itinerary programme list. This will never fade away and your contribution is again highly revered. Individuals who came to recite Chhoe bum has our deepest respects. To Tshering Yangzo and Nima for donating new bed linens for Rinpochhe.

6. To Senator Dean Smith and local guests who made presence during Rimdro and announced that the Bhutanese community has demonstrated outstanding community achievement and announced a funding support of $45,000 for a period of 3 years (2019,2020 and 2021). Thank you Senator and the team for your recognition. We will make sure the funds are put to good use.

7. To Mr. Yonten Phuntsho and his cleaning team from Clean Life Australia for doing an outstanding job by washing all pots and pans, and cleaning the venue at North Perth which ended by 3 am on 5 May 2019.

8. To Mr. Kunzang for serving as a devotee from 2-6 May and driving the entourage of Rinpochhe. Mr. Kunzang is a regular devotee who comes forward and assists as entourage in all occasions of Rinpochhe’s visit. Your contribution is deeply respected.

9. To Mr. Dhyan Singh and Mr. Amit Taya for serving as our exclusive partner and donating a sum of $2300 alongside 2 vehicles for transportation.

10. To the Youth Coordinator of ABPI Mr. Phuntsho Nidup and his youth team who helped set up the tshog and flowers. Youths are pillars for next generation Bhutanese in Perth and we look forward to seeing you make valuable contribution to our community.

11. To the loong organisers – Jetsun droelma loong sponsor group on 3 May 2019 who made it possible to present a well organised session. Our appreciation goes to Mr. Chagey Drukpa, spokesperson for Lhodrak Kharchu Centre for making it possible to hire a venue.

12. In the most important scale, we would like to thank all Bhutanese who came to attend the event, contribute your time and make it possible to make it a successful one. To each and everyone of you, may you fulfill all your aspirations.

The ABPI is a not-for-profit community organisation formed to look after the welfare of Bhutanese in Perth. In the year of 2018, the ABPI team announced that all Bhutanese coming to Western Australia/Perth become automatic members of ABPI. We changed the registration system and made it very easy to register via online registration at

You are all members of ABPI. Our only request to you all, Bhutanese in Perth is to register via this system and activate your membership. This will enable us to get more funding from the Western Australian Government further making it possible to organise events easily and effectively. More so, we can assist in funding support to our own members in times of need. ABPI lapel badges are available at ABPI Home 4A Heathcroft Road, Balga which you can claim once you have registered as member, or we can post it to your address.

Once again, thank you very much for your wishes and we wish you all the best.

ABPI team led by Rimdro organisers
13 May 2019

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