ABPI- Update

Dear fellow friends, 

We are pleased to share to our community that the ABPI Centre was inaugurated by HE Khamtrul Rinpochhe this Year. 

It has been a tremendous achievement for our Bhutanese community in WA to be bestowed with this sacred confidence and faith. In an effort to develop our community in WA, the ABPI team working on behalf of our Bhutanese community has officially endorsed Mr. Tashi Darjay, Area Councilor for Glendalough as Centre Manager for ABPI Centre. This was endorsed during our 10 ABPI Executive Meeting. Mr. Tashi can be contacted at 0404 792 811 for use of ABPI centre or if you need any further queries. Our website at www.abpiperth.comis the best place to access updated information. 

All Bhutanese living in WA are automatic members of ABPI. Please access your membership card via the ABPI website. If you haven’t activated it yet, we request you to please do so. And use of ABPI Centre is therefore, open to all Bhutanese living in WA. The ABPI since it’s formation in 2014 has come a long way and it was timely we start a Centre this year. Next year, we will be celebrating 50 years since the first Bhutanese came to Western Australia. 

Having a Centre even in this small capacity has helped us to have a roof over the growing Bhutanese community and also a name and image in the Australian society we share. Imagine boasting ourselves as people from happy county, as people from Bhutan and pride ourselves for having a large community here but with no roof or an identity to protect ourselves. 

Your suggestions are valued. It’s true- we need a bigger hall. We need a bigger space. But every successful story once started from a small point. If all Bhutanese living in WA (unofficially around 4800 Bhutanese in WA), contribute in cash and kind, a bigger centre like what you wanted can be possible. Unfortunately, the at this current rate, we only have support from less than 5% of our community into ABPI. Yet, we felt that we needed to start from a point and then progressively, build a bigger coalition for a larger community centre. For now, the Centre is operated via a 3BHK house located in Balga. This house is owned by our Bhutanese fellow Mr. Tshering Dorji. For that reason, and having a unique culture, we felt that only a Bhutanese would understand Bhutanese in a better manner. It’s for that reason, we had to choose this ABPI centre which is located in Balga. We could change the location with time and availability of good budget and it’s in best interest of everyone, we would make a decision of what we are sharing. We are immensely grateful for Mr. Tshering and his family for offering us the space and helping our community get 1 step closer to our goals.

The Centre can be easily accessed by elders, youths and children. There’s security locking system, park nearby and it’s peaceful. Elders can get together at the centre and use the services for free. Cooking and sharing good old stories, we are longing to see this happen. Children can come and play. Youths can use the musical instruments, get together and many more. ABPI promotes further activities within our community and all of these events, activities and programmes are initiated for the benefit of all Bhutanese in WA. We are more closer to the Australian society than we could ever be and I take lot of pride in all support received so far. Kudos to you all. 

With time, we promise to make our services better, inclusive and wholistic for our community. For now, we would like to request everyone to take part in this achievement and be proud of what we as a community has achieved since 2014 and all sacrifices made by our former ABPI team and the community that fame along. Alone we are independent, but together, we are an army. And we can win any battles if we are together.

The ABPI team requests our Bhutanese community to support the achievements we have made together as a community. The ABPI team pledges to bring more zeal and innovation in how we do things. The least we can expect from our community is undivided love and support. And less factional groups. 

With best regards,

Karma Wangchuk 

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