ABPI membership database 2019

ABPI membership database 2019
Updated list on membership activated with ABPI since 9 December 2019
Good evening to everyone,
We hope you are having a good time. Please find enclosed the updated list of activated membership we have retrieved from the ABPI registration system. Please note the following:
  1. Pending are the ones who haven’t paid their membership fee.
  2. If your name is not present here but paid the fee, this means you haven’t registered in this system. Please sign up via our login portal and we can activate this for you.
  3. To verify your membership status, please send us proof of payment made to
You have option to pay or not pay membership fee because all Bhutanese coming to WA become automatic member of ABPI. Upon paying a fee of annual $20 or biennial $30, one can access ABPI’s services.
Thank you everyone for taking to register and activating your membership.
Download here
With sincere regards,
ABPI Executive Committee 2019

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