ABPI Annual Rolling Trophy 2019

ABPI Annual Rolling Trophy 2019
ABPI Annual Rolling Trophy 2019 (for photos, please visit our Facebook page)
The 2019 ABPI Annual Rolling Trophy has finally come to its conclusion yesterday afternoon with Jackaroos (Jackaroos Vs Thimphu City) winning the Trophy.
On a very momentous day, we stared the tournament with a kid’s exhibition match. 14 kids participated in the game and each of them awarded a time zone gift card along with medals for their participation. The gift card will be sent to each parents. For this Year’s Rolling Trophy, we have produced quality trophies, medals and nominations. We hope that teams and winners will take a good care of your winnings.
The following trophies also accompanied this year’s Annual Trophy:
Fair players (despite their age and circumstances, the have played a good game and come forward to lead their team. Along with that, they have helped the organisers in organising the tournament and helped resolved issues wherever they can):
Dr. Jampa (The Battlers)
Namgay Namgay (Highlanders)
Namgyel Ngyel (Dragon United)
Most promising team (for showing their unity and a desire to play from the heart, respecting the game, respecting their opponents and celebrating this tournament in a fair manner).
Garuda FC
Appreciation award (for the team showing great zeal, talent, good quality players, and a united team to play a very good game).
Highlanders United
Most promising players (players who demonstrated quality sportsmanship. Players who deserve to stand out because they helped their teams and play the game in the most professional manner possible).
Yeshi, Garuda FC (Goalkeeper)
Kinley Pelza, North Perth United
Sonam Penjor, Druk Perth (Goalkeeper)
Tshering (Myke), Jackaroos
Golden Glove (best goal keeper performance in terms of leading the team, playing the game in a fair and professional manner, and being a motivation to his team).
Tashi Hart, Jackaroos
Golden Boot (best performance along with scoring one of the highest goals and playing the game in a fair manner)
Galey, Jackaroos
Man of the Match (the best player of the tournament and the overall best performer, player who demonstrated professional, quality skills, hardworking and the most impressive attitude towards the game)
Diwash, Thimphu City
Runners up trophy with a cash prize of $800- THIMPHU CITY
Winners trophy with a cash prize of $1200- JACKAROOS
Rolling Trophy – JACKAROOS
We had the honour of North Perth United (defending champions) passing the Rolling Trophy to Jackaroos. Thank you North Perth United for living up to the game and providing motivation to our players.
With this, we would like to thank each and everyone of you who played and participated in this Year’s Rolling Trophy. Despite the challenges we faced, despite the issues we have had to overcome, we sincerely thank you all for staying along and playing this tournament. On a very limited budget along with limited resources, we have tried to organise this tournament in a fair manner. We apologise for issues some of which was beyond our control but glad that together we have come this far and ended this tournament.
Thank you and best regards,
Karma Wangchuk, President, ABPI
(Representing on behalf of the Soccer Organisers 2019)

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