38th Birth Anniversary Celebration of His Majesty the King

38th Birth Anniversary Celebration of His Majesty the King

Date:   20180221
Venue: Macedonian Cultural Centre

Dear friends,

We hope you are having a good time. The final programme details for the His Majesty’s 38th Birth Anniversary Celebration in Perth, Macedonian Cultural Centre, Balcatta has been accordingly confirmed and shared via the official Facebook page of ABPI.

Five prominent actors and singers from the Bhutan Film Association led by Dasho Colonel Kuenzang Rinzin, Minister, Embassy of Bhutan in Bangkok, Thailand brings to us the words of His Majesty. This is a milestone for Bhutanese in Perth, and in particular, people who have supported the Association of Bhutanese in Perth until this time and who will be supporting even beyond. As a member, this is the least you can do to contribute to building this Association that we all dearly care for. And as the Management, we promise to keep this Association vibrant, prudent and safe for all times to come.

Like what John C. Maxwell mentions – a leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way, this is the time to thank our leaders for their selfless sacrifice to keep Bhutan, a small country, independent, sovereign and a vision for Gross National Happiness. Let’s welcome our guest with an open heart and let us all join to make this celebration worth our life’s moment. Thank you again and looking forward to seeing all of you during the event.

Please note, the event will be held at MACEDONIAN CULTURAL CENTRE, BALCATTA.

With warmest regards,

The Management

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