The Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) is a legally registered entity and we work for the best of interest for all Bhutanese in Perth. It is an important body to ensures harmony, unity and solidarity among all the Bhutanese living Perth.

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Membership Benefits

The following are benefits the Association will endeavor to offer to the members:

  • Address issues pertaining to community welfare.
  • Accommodate, support and execute members’ suggestions/initiatives including members’ proposal for hosting/coordinating events.
  • Offer advice and guidance in various aspects of living in Perth.
  • Grant credit/loan from the Association fund to pay course fees during financial. difficulties – subject to availability to fund and validity of the case.
  • Provide help and support during sickness, mishaps and other difficult situations.
  • All members are automatically eligible to contest for any Executive committee position.
  • Members can recommend to the Association to raise fund for individuals in need of financial support back in Bhutan subject to sub-rules under Fund Management.

We would like to urge every Bhutanese in Perth to be a member of ABPI. If you not a member already, register today!

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