Membership Benefits

The following are benefits the Association will endeavor to offer to the members:

  • Address issues pertaining to community welfare.
  • Accommodate, support and execute members’ suggestions/ initiatives including members’ proposal for hosting/coordinating events.
  • Offer advice and guidance in various aspects of living in Perth.
  • Grant credit/loan from the Association fund to pay course fees during financial. difficulties – subject to availability to fund and validity of the case.
  • Provide help and support during sickness, mishaps and other difficult situations.
  • All members are automatically eligible to contest for any Executive committee position.
  • Members can recommend to the Association to raise fund for individuals in need of financial support back in Bhutan subject to sub-rules under Fund Management.

We would like to urge every Bhutanese in Perth to be a member of ABPI. If you not a member already, register today!

Annual: $20 per person
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9 February

Full Tuition Fees Scholarship

17 July

Financial Report Quarter ending 30th June 2021

5 July

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