Dzongkha Teachers – Community Language Session in Perth

Dear Dzongkha teachers,
(Lop Gembo Tenzin, Lop Wangyel and Lop Jamba Thinley)

Thank you for applying for the post of Dzongkha Teacher. Your CV’s have been received in order. As you are aware, anything related to child-related work, an individual must complete Working With Children (WWC). The schools we have been talking to for a room for class session said this is mandatory. We request you to kindly complete the WWC by visiting the Government website at

WWC Check application forms are only available from authorised Australia Post outlets or you can contact the WWC Screening Unit; this is because each form has a unique identifier. WWC Check application forms are NOT available online for download. Click the link below to find an authorised Australia Post outlet near you

If you have a paid and a volunteer/ unpaid job in child-related work you must apply as a paid employee (or self-employed person). Select the category of child-related work that applies to your paid employment.

Please complete this document and send us by 13 July 2019 to

With regards,

ABPI team
5 July 2019

dzongkha in Perth by ABPI