About Us

Why does ABPI exist?

Perth is one of the most popular havens for Bhutanese to pursue higher education and to seek jobs and make a living. Every year Perth sees hundreds of Bhutanese students getting enrolled in different universities and vocational institutes.

With such a large and ever-increasing community, ABPI was founded as a formal association with the vision to make every Bhutanese in Perth feel at home, included, taken care of and to build a strong and happy community and more importantly to merge and harmonize with other cultures.

What does ABPI do?

Striving towards the core vision of building a happy Bhutanese community, ABPI also organises events and functions involving the members, plus help the newcomers as much as possible to get them settled.


Our Vision

Every Bhutanese in WA feels at home, included, taken care of, and part of the Bhutanese family both here in Perth and in Bhutan.


Our Mission

ABPI shall work towards achieving its vision by providing a platform for all the Bhutanese in Perth to:

  • Cement community bond,
  • Preserve and promote Bhutanese Identity, culture and values,
  • Access to/information about current and future opportunities,
  • Address community concerns,
  • Foster relation with the community both here in Perth and back in Bhutan,
  • Protect, promote and develop interest and welfare of the community.

Our Membership

The Association of Bhutanese in Perth Incorporated (ABPI) is a legally registered entity and we work for the best of interest for all Bhutanese in Perth. It is an important body to ensures harmony, unity and solidarity among all the Bhutanese living Perth.

We would like to urge every Bhutanese in Perth to be a member of ABPI. If you not a member already, register today!

Annual: $20 per person

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